My Favorite Highlighters

As you may know highlighters are where it’s at and i’m addicted. If your glow can’t be seen from space, do you really exist? So here’s some of my favorites.



Makeup Revolution Highlight Pallet

Price: £8
This pallet is an absolute drugstore gem, i mean three highlighters at only £8 yes please! These three highlighters vary in pigmentation, the outer two shades are very pigmented but the middle shade is more subtle. if you want to get even more shine i recommend spraying your brush with MAC fix+. The pink shade is beautiful with cooler toned looks where as the other two shades i like to mix together for warmer looks.


Topshop Glow in Polished

Price: £10
This cream highlighter is great for creating a base for your powder highlighter to ensure that glow stays all day. The highlighter is a very creamy texture and is easy to blend. it goes on quite natural looking but it can be built upon. Even though i love using this high lighter if i use it too much it can give me small bumps on my cheek bones so i tend to use it for special occasions.


Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl highlighter in Gilded Honey

Price: £21
I love the color of this highlighter, the golden caramel tones are perfect for copper/orange eye looks that have been my go to this autumn. Saying that i do get more use out of it in the summer when i have a tan as it can be slightly too dark for my white winter skin. The main thing i love about this highlighter besides the color is the texture. The texture is ridiculously smooth and the shimmer is so fine that it makes the glow look fresh and real.


Sleek Highlighter Pallet in Solstice 

Price: £9.99
This highlighter pallet is very similar in shades to the Makeup Revolution one except this pallet includes a pink pearl cream highlighter. I use this pallet every single time i do my makeup, it has not left my makeup bag since i got it. However one part i do not use is the cream highlighter. I find it very dry and difficult to blend once its on the skin. 


MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle 

Price: £24
Last but no means least, the highlighter that started my addiction. As you can see this highlighter has been used to death, its my go to carefree highlighter. This highlighter is great for everyday and will go with any make up look. I love to use this as a highlight topper just to add that extra pow to my cheekbones and cupids bow. I really do think this highlighter is a staple for anyone who is starting to get into higher end makeup or beginning their MAC collection.

And finally remember too much highlighter doesn’t exist…

What’s your favourite? 


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