What I Got For Christmas 2016

This post is for people like me who love a good little nosey into what people got for Christmas this year. I put away all my presents today finally after they had been sitting on my bedroom floor for a week, so I took some pictures before to show you guys what i got.

*inserts obligatory not bragging disclaimer here*





The skin care gods (AKA my mum) really did grace me with some fabulous products this year. Liz Earle cleanse and polish is a product that I swear by and can never have too much of there for my mum got me the biggest size there is with two muslin cloths which hopefully will last me a while. Another product that i swear by is the Clinique take the day off make up remover, this product is amazing for me as I wear waterproof mascara (not because I’m a crier or anything for curl holding purposes only). I love the fact this set comes with a mini size which I can take away on trips. The skin care product I was most excited about was the Pixi glow tonic, this product has been raved about by everyone and their dog but I never came round to getting it. I am beyond excited and hope this will help to combat my winter dry skin.  Along with my cleanse and polish my mum got me a Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner which really through me off because I didn’t even know Liz Earle did hair products! I have used them once and it made my hair really soft but I wasn’t too keen on the scent.



YAAAAAY I got the Charlotte Tilbury dolce vita palette, I longed after this ever since I saw the Anna edit use it constantly but £38 was a bit too much for me to spend on 4 eye shadows as a student. I wore the palette on Christmas day, I loved it and received many compliments from my family. I also got a Benefit they’re real mascara set, I would never usually buy this for myself as i’m mostly a drugstore mascara kinda girl but i’ll give it a whirl.



Apparently I stink and need a good wash, indicated by all the bath/shower products I got but i’m not complaining. This year i was honestly overwhelmed by the amount of Lush stuff I received, usually I get a few bath bombs and that’s it. My mum and boyfriend both got me different lush products without the other knowing, hence why i ended up with so many. So I got 3 shower gels: The Comforter, The Olive Branch and Yuzu and Cocoa. 5 bath bombs: 2 Never Mind the Ballistics, Lord of Misrule, So White and Farther Christmas. I also got Butter Bear bath melt, Peeping Santa bubble bar and a random stir in melt which fell out of the bag according to my mum so I have no idea what it is. As if I didn’t have enough bath products when we went to visit my boyfriends family his dad bought me a Soap and Glory set which is great because I use these products on a day to day basis.

This present was no surprise to me since I picked it out in duty free on holiday this past summer but never the less I was still excited to get my hands on it and start using it. I wanted this perfume since I felt my collection was lacking a light fresh fragrance as I usually wear quite heavy ones such as Opium. Heavy scents can be a bit too much for me sometimes so this was definitely needed. It is also a scent I have loved since I was a child, I used to run up to my grandmas bedroom and spray some of hers on me.




My boyfriend truly outdid himself this year, I love everything he got me. Firstly the gold dust that is the Zara fur biker jacket. I saw this jacket back in September and gave him the Christmas wink but then disaster struck, OUT OF STOCK OUT OF STOCK OUT OF STOCK. I was checking the website everyday but Zara continued to crush my dreams. But then on Christmas day there it was, I literally screamed and tears came to my eyes. I also received an Olivia Burton watch which we saw online ages ago as I complained that I didn’t have a smart watch. Just goes to show men do listen sometimes…


I love lounge wear and cotton undies so this was thrilling for me. I already have the same Tommy Hilfiger underwear set in black and I love it for chill days. But the PJ bottoms I didn’t even think of but they are so soft and comfy. I also got some more cotton underwear from Calvin Klein as I already have the cotton bra but no bottoms to match. There for my mum got me a grey thong and full pant to go along with them.

I hope you enjoyed peeking into what I got for Christmas and it gave you some ideas of what to snatch up in the January sales this year.

What was your favourite present?


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