Best of 2016

2016 has been a massive year of change for me, going from a single school girl to an adult at university with a boyfriend ooooo. But amongst all the change and amazing life experiences there have been a few stand out products that have stuck with me throughout 2016 that I thought I would share with you.

Best in Beauty


I have worn L’Oréal true match for about 2 years so it is no surprise that it has appeared in this yearly favourites and probably more to come. Unless anyone can recommend a good lightweight medium coverage foundation for dry skin? *hint hint*. However the naked skin concealer by Urban Decay is a fairly new edition to my make up collection. It has wiggled its way into the best of 2016 due to its creamy non drying formula.


Another new edition to my makeup collection that has really stood out for me is the Laura Mercier translucent powder. I had seen this product on many youtube videos but it is fairly pricey so I thought I would buy a cheaper alternative. I was using the LA Girl translucent powder for sometime but it made my face look so grey so I finally gave in. I do not regret it at all the difference between these two powders is incredible, the Laura Mercier powder is so finely milled and makes my face look a lot brighter.


So pretty much all of this year my go to warm copper look has not changed. I create this look using Mac indianwood paint pot as a base, Mac amber lights all over the lid, perception from the Stila mind palette in the crease, creativity also from this palette in the outer corner and Mac nylon in the tear duct. Alternatively since Christmas I have also been using the Charlotte Tillbury dolce vita palette on a daily basis. I opt for warm looks over cool as they bring out my blue eyes and cool tones tend to make my skin look grey.


Its been all about the long lasting nudes for me this year. I have constantly been wearing either MUA liquid lipstick in Halcyon or MAC brave lined by either MAC whirl or spice. I just love these lipsticks as they go with any eye look and aren’t too difficult to wear.


I have used this highlighting palette every time I have done my make up and I love the range of shades it has.


Maybelline lash sensational in the waterproof formula is my all time favourite mascara. This mascara just does wonders for my sad eyelashes, providing both volume and length. I use the waterproof version so that it holds a curl for longer and does not smudge throughout the day.


These skin care products I have used religiously, I apply the Clinique dramatically different moisturizer everyday after using my Liz Earle cleanse and polish. Both of these products have helped to keep my skin clear and glowing. I hardly ever get full on explosive spots anymore just a few bumps here and there. I used to use make up wipes alone to take off my make up (big no no) until I found the Clinique take the day off make up remover. It makes taking my make up off less of a chore as it contains oils that melt away the make up even my waterproof mascara.


Once upon a time I had bleach blonde highlights all over my head which really did leave my hair in a bit of a state. There for I was on the hunt for a affordable shampoo and conditioner that contained none of the crap the rest do. Then I found this by L’Oréal which contains no sulphates and bonus is smells delicious like coco butter and caramel.


I received this Lancôme ‘La Vie est Belle perfume as a birthday present this year. Before I got this I would of never really considered Lancôme for perfumes but I absolutely love this one. It is a very fruity girly fragrance but is still quite intense for someone who likes light perfumes.

Best in Fashion

shocker all my fashion favourites are black!!


This winter I realized I had no boots that I could wear on a daily basis they were all too high for your average day out. So I spent some of my saved birthday money on these Topshop healed chelsea boots. They were around the £70 mark which I really didn’t mind spending since they are real leather and a real staple piece that will last me a long time.


Its all been about culottes this year for me as i’m all about being comfortable and they are such a great alternative to jeans or a tailored trouser. I especially love these pleated ones, this was a real trend this year that all started with the Topshop pair but I waited it out and got mine from Primark once all the other stores had started to follow suit.


Another winter trend that I was a victim of, the fluffy bobble hat. I got this from a stall in London but you can pretty much get them anywhere nowadays. This was a way into the bobble hat world for me as iv always felt like such an egg head in them but in this one I actually feel cute. I wear this when its so cold my ears will fall off or on a classic bad hair day.


Western belts were everywhere this year, I started looking for one on ASOS but all the ones I liked were too much in my mind to pay for a belt. Therefore I hit up the homie Primark and found this gem. I have not stopped wearing it since I love wearing it with mom jeans and a tucked in top to really show it off.


I may have only had this jacket since Christmas so some of you may think its too soon to put it in my 2016 favourites. However since then it has been glued to my body. It is so versatile and makes every single outfit I wear look so put together even if its just a t-shirt and jeans .

Best in Lifestyle

Best series: you are probably so sick and tired of hearing about this but yes Stranger things was one of my stand out series this year. It had me hooked from episode 1, the strange story line just caught me and I watched it in a day. The only sad thing about it is the lack of episodes in a season, I like a good 10+ episodes a season. Another series me and my boyfriend have really got into but are so behind the hype on is Game of Thrones. We still have not finished yet but it has got to the point where when we are out of the house all I wanna do is go home and watch it. That’s how I new it had to go into my favourites.

Best film: This was quite difficult for me to think of as me and my boyfriend watch films all the time but one that really stood out for me was Arrival. I thought it was such an interesting twist on the usual “ahhh aliens are here to invade, someone save us” kind of alien film. It really played on the mind. Another film I enjoyed this year was The Legend of Tarzan, the story line was fairly unexpected as I assumed it would be a classic remake like the Jungle book was but instead it was completely different. It was so visually pleasing with amazing wildlife and scenery shots.

Best book: my favourite book is not going to surprise anyone either, its Girl on the train. I never really delved into the world of physiological thrillers before this book and turns out I really love those kinds of books. I usually find it hard for a book to keep my attention but this one had me gripped and I did not see the end coming.


Hope you all have a smashing 2017!




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