Amsterdam City Break

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted in a while iv just been all caught up in university exams to find the time. After my exams as a reward to myself me and my boyfriend booked a 2 night stay in Amsterdam.


Our journey began when we woke up at 4:00 AM to catch our 8:30 AM flight from London Luton. The flight there was a breeze and only lasted 45 minutes which was enough time for me to do my make up as I literally woke up and got straight into the car. We landed in Schiphol at about 10:00 AM Amsterdam time, the airport was so clean and modern with lots of restaurants and shops.From the airport we got on a train to Amsterdam Central Station which was surprisingly easy to find and get our tickets. The train only cost us €5 each and took 20 minutes. From the station we had a short walk to our hotel, The Westcord City Centre hotel. Luckily we could upgrade our room for just €20 and check in straight away. Our room was really lovely with a view of the streets of Amsterdam, there was also a Nespresso machine in our room which my coffee loving boyfriend was thrilled about.


Our first port of call was getting food as we had both only had a snack at the airport. We were struggling to decide where to eat as there are so many different places. But we stumbled across Wok to Go. The food was amazing and all cooked fresh in front of you, I had spicy prawn noodles and my boyfriend had Asian vegetable noodles. This became our favourite food place of the trip there for we had dinner there on the second day as well.


After eating we had a look around and walked along the canal. We then decided to go to the sex museum which Amsterdam is known for. It was an experience let me tell you, I never thought id see the history of dildos in my life but I have now.



Later on we decided we needed a sit down so my boyfriend suggested we go to  Prix D’ami coffeeshop which he had seen suggested online. This coffeeshop soon became our new go to place, over the trip we went in there about 7 times. Its so relaxed, there are big sofas everywhere and also 3D TVs to watch which are amazing when your stoned. The staff also come to you and ask if you want food or drink every half an hour which is deadly. I ate my body weight in waffles, nachos and hot chocolates. Some of the other coffeeshops we went into were Cafe 420, the Greenhouse Effect and Grey Area.

On our second day we woke up quite late as we were so tired from the early flight. After getting ready and leaving the hotel we went straight to Prix D’ami to start the day off right and get some nachos. We spent quite a while in there as we got so wrapped up in watching Batman VS Superman. After the film finished we walked down to the Body Worlds museum which id seen online. This was one of my favourite things of the trip. The museum was a collection of real donations of preserved human body parts. It was really interesting seeing whats inside of your own body and how it all works together so perfectly.


That evening we went to the Red Light District, we had gone on our first night there but we went quite early there for it wasn’t too busy. We walked along, looked in the windows and went into a few sex shops. We wanted to go and watch a sex show but we completely forgot to do it.

On our last day before we got our flight at 9:05 PM we went shopping and got a few souvenirs. The journey home was horrific as a lot of fog had settled in Amsterdam, so many flights had been delayed. This caused our flight to wait by the runway for an hour to take off. The flight seemed much longer on the way home and I was exhausted.

Overall I loved the trip and Amsterdam is an amazing place. The main thing that stuck out to me and my boyfriend was how relaxed and safe it was. We saw no conflicts the whole time we were there and even when we were walking around at night we didn’t feel as if we needed to be worried. I would recommend it to anyone and January was a really cheap time to go, we only paid £135 each for our stay. We would love to go again and next time I will make sure we go to the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank House.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our trip!


One thought on “Amsterdam City Break

  1. Loved hearing about your trip. I ❤️Amsterdam and have been a few times. There are some really cool vintage shops off the beaten track. It’s always fun to loose a few hours in a coffee shop for an afternoon. Love the blog x


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