What I Bought this Month: January

So this month I thought I was doing well and didn’t buy a lot at all but when I wrote a list of what I purchased I realized it was actually quite a bit. So here’s what I bought myself this month!


I really wanted a new lip gloss as I’m getting more into them lately but I don’t have one that I can wear all the time. I saw this PS Pro lip gloss in primark and it was only £3 so I picked it up in the shade babydoll. I also picked up a PS Pro sheer lip crayon in the shade toffee nude as it was reduced from £2.50 to just £1.


Diamante chokers are a massive trend recently so I was on the hunt for one. I really struggled to find one on the high street but then I searched online and found Claire’s had some in stock so I got one for £10.


I’m also loving the trend of denim skirts and fishnet tights, I have some fishnet tights so it was only the skirt I was missing. I did not want to pay too much for one as it is winter right now so I wont get as much use out of it as I will in the summer. At the start of january I was scrolling on the Missguided January sale and I found this gem for just £10 but unfortunately is has been taken off sale now and gone up to £25.


I already have one black pleated midi skirt and I love wearing it to give a feminine edge to grungy outfits. I also love grey so I saw this one in primark for £8 and I thought why not when I love my other one so much.


Winter is all about layering and I thought a mesh long sleeve crop top would be cute to put under bright t-shirts, to add something extra to an outfit. I also can’t wait to wear this with cute bralettes underneath in the summer or on nights out. I knew mesh tops on the high street were fairly over priced for what they are so I took to ebay and found one for just £2.25 .


Embroidery is where its at! this cute primark bralette was £8 and is so comfy.


This jacket has been the love of my life since I got it this month. It was £29.99 from newlook, they have a wide variety of different puffer jackets. I chose this one because I loved the bright blue color and I don’t wear enough color in my outfits. This is a really easy way to jazz up just a t-shirt and jeans.


My boyfriend loves a bit of charity shopping and I love a bargain, so I went with him one day. I found these vintage topshop sport trousers for £8. These are perfect for me as I like to look smart but comfort comes first for me nowadays and as these have an elastic waist band they are super comfy.


What have my other shopaholics treated themselves to this month?


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